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Super Sect is most powerful group

Super Sect is a most powerful group. This sect created by Salvaji Lovelegend. This Sect members have Many skills ( Martial arts, Chess, Yoga, Meditations, Networking,Mathematics etc.,) Salvaji Lovelegend teaches Karate, Taekwondo, Meditation, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Intelligence skills to Super Sect Members.

About Chief Director and creator of the Group : Salvaji Lovelegend belonged to Nizamabd District in India. He participated in many Tournaments .

Salvaji.Narsimharao at Kamareddy:

Salvaji.Narsimharao enrolled at PVP ORIENTAL SCHOOL, where he studied until his family moved to Madnoor and Morthad after his family's return to Nizamabad. He learnt Sanskrit in PVP ORIENTAL SCHOOL.

Salvaji.Narsimharao at Morthad:

Salvaji.Narsimharao learnt Meditation,Chants,Sadachaaramu in this School. After he moved to Bhanu Public School for higher studies.

Salvaji.Narsimharao in Nizamabad:

Salvaji.Narsimharao completed higher studies at Nizamabad and he got job in the Revenue Department.

Martial arts and skills

The adult Salvaji.Narsimharao is the most powerful martial artist of his generation, as well as one of the most formidable of the era. His profound mastery of several different types of martial arts and skills surpasses that of most others in the wulin. New generation of the Five Greats, replacing his master, the Ramesh Kumar . His repertoire of skills and martial arts are described in the following sections.

Practice and teaching:

Salvaji.Narsimharao is traditionally seen as introducing Martial Arts and dhyana-practice in Telangana in India.



Salvaji.Narsimharao is one of the finest Fighter in Yellareddy. He was trained in his early days by the legendary Fighter Shri. Balakishan. In his youth, Salvaji.Narsimharao broke nearly five briks by Single hit. The incident earned him fame and the admiration of the Friends Circle. In his childhood, he also played wrestling as a sport with the Friends and followers.
Balakishan ([[Okinawan_martial_arts]]): Salvaji.Narsimharao is first introduced to Okinawa Karate by the Balakishan, a great martial artists from Yellareddy. He teaches him all the skills he know to prepare him for an upcoming competition. Balakishan did not teach Salvaji.Narsimharao any inner energy cultivation techniques at all.
Most Powerful Inner energy: Ramchander teaches Salvaji.Narsimharao some basics of their sect's inner energy cultivation techniques. Salvaji is able to understand the basis of Formation after Seeing the '''Legend of the condor heroes''' and observing the formation being deployed in actual combat.
Ramesh Kumar (Shitoryu]]) Salvaji.Narsimharao meets Ramesh Kumar on Nizamabad by chance while out on adventure. Ramesh Kumar agrees to teach Salvaji his 'Powerful formations' every day during the brief period of time he spent with him.
==Bhojanna ([[Taekwondo]])== Salvaji.Narsimharao meets Bhojanna at Armoor. Bhojanna teaches Salvaji.Narsimharao the 'perfect Styles Vacant kicks' Bhojanna also teaches Salvaji the 'Technique of Spinnig kicks', which allows him to use two different sets of martial arts simultaneously. Salvaji.Narsimharao manages to master this technique in a short period of time, whereas, ironically, his more intelligent wife is unable to grasp it at all.
==*Oneness Meditations*== Oneness meditations give incredible inner energy cultivation techniques and extraordinary skills.